How could the FA have handled Hodgson’s appointment differently?

So it seems that the Football Association have got their man. Roy Hodgson is expected to be the named the new England manager within 24 hours, however the reception has been mixed. With members of the press and support certain that Harry Redknapp was set to get the nod some are criticising the FA, but what could they have done differently to avoid this type of fall out?

Photo by Martin Pettitt

Time has been the main factor. It’s been 11 long weeks since Fabio Capello’s departure and this has allowed rumour to take over. Bizarrely there doesn’t seem to have been much of an attempt by the FA to temper this.

Board members and international stars were given free reign to air their views regarding the appointment, almost unanimously coming out in favour of Harry Redknapp. Comments from the likes of Phil Gartside and Wayne Rooney not only look rather daft in hindsight but are the type of throwaway quote that could cause damage to Hodgson and the FA.

The FA would argue they weren’t prepared for Capello’s resignation and couldn’t simply go out and collar a new coach at a crucial time in the club season without garnering some criticism, but a request that those involved in the international set up keep mum could’ve made the start of Hodgson’s reign a much less controversial one.


One response to “How could the FA have handled Hodgson’s appointment differently?

  1. While it’s mainly been the media in the wrong over recent speculation, I agree that the FA could have made it easier – perhaps as simple as issuing press releases to say ‘Despite press speculation, we would like to remind people that the FA are looking at multiple options for manager, with a range of skills.’
    They say they decided on Hodgson a month ago, and must have been vaguely following the speculation that was everywhere.

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