Sport and recreation in England – 2012 edition [Infographic]

Okay, this isn’t strictly about football but I’d like to take a minute to show off a labour of love that has finally come to fruition.

What you’ll see below is an infographic detailing the state of the English sporting landscape as of October 2012. I hope you all enjoy it.

Sport and recreation in England

It is my first, so all feedback is appreciated.


2 responses to “Sport and recreation in England – 2012 edition [Infographic]

  1. Looks really good, and some interesting information – would have thought that disabled participation would be lower than 50% of able bodied/non-disabled for instance, when thinking of all that would include.

    Being critical, it could be good to see how disabled/ethnic participation is rising/falling over a longer period (if that was in the report) and I’m not sure if there’s any relevance to the colours of the regions?

    Otherwise, some very clear presentation of the info.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. Glad you like it.

    The colour of the regions is supposed to represent the participation percentage. For example, 36% upwards is orange, 34%-36% is red and lower than 34% is scarlet. I’m aware it’s not entirely clear that this is what’s supposed to represent (the original idea was going to use just the colours and a key to explain where each region stood, however I decided against this in the end but kept the colours because I kind of liked them).

    As for the participation of disabled/ethnic groups that was all of the data I could find (as far as I’m aware there was some available from previous APS but the criteria was different so I decided not to include them because of this).

    Hope that explains a few of the decisions I made. Like I said thanks for the feedback. It’s very much appreciated. It’ll come in very hardy when I put together my next infographic!

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