The Online Rule

Soon this blog will be no more. Don’t worry I’ve not given up, I’m just focusing my attention elsewhere.

For a long time I’ve wanted to revamp this site, move it away from and make more of a go of it however events have conspired to make updating this blog on a regular basis rather difficult. As a result it made no sense to me to pay for hosting, a domain name etc. when I could do everything I wanted and needed to do right here for nothing.

Last week, after a conversation with a good friend of mine who also has an interest in #digisport, we decided to bite the bullet and set something up together. is the result.

The Online Rule will focus on the same topics I’ve covered here but there’ll be more content more often. It might even be of a higher standard too. After all they do say two heads are better than one.

The site is live now and content is being added as I type, so make sure you check it out. Oh, and if you want to contribute don’t be shy. We’re on the hunt for people who can write, have an interest in comms and/or sport and can lighten the load a bit.


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