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Dissertation – Professional footballers and Twitter

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will have been inundated with requests over the past 24 hours to complete a short survey regarding how a number of Newcastle United players use Twitter. First off I’d like to thank you and apologise. Cheers for not immediately deleting me the moment I began to spam your timelines with links, because I know had I been in your place I’d have been reaching for the big red unfollow button within minutes of the first few links hitting my profile, and sorry for having to resort to such measures. It won’t happen again!

Now the apologies are out of the way I’d like to explain a little bit more about why I’m asking you to explain in great detail how you feel about Sammy Ameobi’s tweets. The end of any university course is marked by some sort of practical project and that is the stage I find myself at now. The topic I am studying is the impact that the use of Twitter amongst footballers has had on the way that their adoring public perceive them. Has social media worked wonders as a public relations tool for professional players or is it a nightmare when it comes to reputation management?

As well as studying the accounts of a couple of players I also want to hear from my fellow fans as, after all, it’s your opinion that really matters here. I’ve conducted this via an online survey which I have distributed exclusively through Twitter (well, almost exclusively. If you’re yet to complete it you can click here). The results will the be used to help form the basis of my conclusion, so it’s important I get as much feedback as possible.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress and my findings on the blog, so keep your eyes peeled. Once again I’d just like to say thanks for putting up with the constant stream of updates asking for your help. It wont last much longer, I promise!