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Everton FC’s use of Facebook [infographic]

Everton Facebook infographic


(Click on the image to see a larger version)


Sport and recreation in England – 2012 edition [Infographic]

Okay, this isn’t strictly about football but I’d like to take a minute to show off a labour of love that has finally come to fruition.

What you’ll see below is an infographic detailing the state of the English sporting landscape as of October 2012. I hope you all enjoy it.

Sport and recreation in England

It is my first, so all feedback is appreciated.

The Premier League versus the NFL – Infographic

Which is better, football (the one with the round one) or football (the one with the oval one)? It’s a debate that gets the blood flowing both here and in the USA and while there’ll never be agreement on which sport is the best the chaps at have produced an infographic to find out which one comes out on top when using social media.

As you could probably have surmised both sets of fans are fiercely loyal, but to two very different things – one the league and the other their team.

No prizes for guessing which is which!